Buying Preloved Garments: Fashion Trends for 2024

Posted On: 22 Mar 2024 by Stephan Welz to Vintage Fashion

Embrace the charm of unique finds at auction and make a statement that's both stylish and environmentally responsible. In fashion, 2024 is predicted to see a retro revival, with styles from the 70s, 80s and 90s all set to make a comeback. The trend in sustainable fashion looks set to continue with eco-materials, slow fashion, and recycled garments, which are all on trend this year. In this article, we look at how you can stay on trend this year by buying preloved clothes.

Buying Preloved Garments: Fashion Trends for 2024

Embracing Retro Revival

Step back in time and prepare to revive classic styles as 2024 fashion trends welcome the return of retro styles. Dust off those vintage trunks and prepare for a blast from the past with influences from the disco vibes of the 70s, the rebellious punk spirit of the 80s, and the laid-back grunge aesthetics of the 90s.

70s Disco Chic

Capture the essence of disco diva glamour as the 70s make a triumphant comeback. Key elements of this style include:

  • Flared pants: Make a bold statement while enjoying maximum comfort with the resurgence of flared pants, a quintessential 70s fashion piece.
  • Shimmer and sequins: From dresses to tops, sequins take centre stage, offering dazzling sparkle to elevate your ensemble.

80s Punk Revival

Feel the rebellious energy of the 80s punk scene returning to the forefront of fashion. Incorporate this edgy style into your 2024 wardrobe with:

  • Leather jackets: Iconic to the 80s, leather jackets make a strong comeback, adding an edgy and timeless touch to any outfit.
  • Statement jewellery: Go big, bold, and chunky with statement jewellery, a crucial accessory to capture the essence of punk aesthetics.

90s Grunge Comeback

Experience the resurgence of 90s grunge fashion, bringing a laid-back, effortlessly cool vibe. To embrace this trend, consider:

  • Plaid shirts: Channel the ultimate 90s grunge look with a classic plaid shirt effortlessly styled by wearing it open over a t-shirt.
  • Doc Martens: The iconic Docs are back in action, offering a perfect blend of toughness and sweetness when paired with a floral dress.

Embracing Sustainability in Fashion

Our exploration of 2024 fashion trends continues with a movement that goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on both style and responsibility — sustainable fashion. In an age where climate change demands attention, fashion brands are taking significant strides to minimise environmental impact. Let's delve into the core aspects of this transformative trend.

Eco-conscious Textiles

A prominent shift within sustainable fashion involves the adoption of eco-friendly fabrics, prioritising materials that are gentle on the planet. Key considerations include:

  • Organic cotton: Distinguished by its cultivation without harmful chemicals, organic cotton emerges as a sustainable alternative to conventional varieties.
  • Recycled materials: Witness a growing trend where brands incorporate recycled materials into their collections, offering a dual benefit of waste reduction and repurposing old items. For a DIY approach, consider upcycling old clothes to make something new.

The Rise of Slow Fashion

The philosophy of slow fashion is gaining momentum, emphasising a mindful approach to clothing consumption. Here's what defines this concept:

  • Quality prevails: Slow fashion advocates for a shift from acquiring numerous cheap, low-quality pieces to investing in fewer, high-quality items that withstand the test of time. Known for their enduring quality, vintage garments are a great option.
  • Local support: By choosing local brands, consumers contribute to the regional economy and reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping clothes across borders.

Revolutionising Fashion through Recycling

Recycled fashion is gaining popularity. This involves buying preloved garments instead of new ones. These can be picked up at auctions, charity shops, car boot sales and online marketplaces like Vinted and eBay.

Advantages of Recycled Fashion

  • Environmental impact: By opting for recycled fashion, individuals play a vital role in reducing the demand for new clothing production, reducing the environmental strain associated with manufacturing processes.
  • Unique style: Embracing recycled fashion allows you to cultivate a distinct and unique style. Each preloved piece has its history, contributing to a personalised and eclectic wardrobe.

Tips for Buying Vintage and Retro Fashion at Auction

Auctions are a great place to find vintage and retro garments. You can find everything you need for an outfit, including clothing, hats, bags, shoes, accessories and jewellery. Here are some top tips for buying fashion pieces at auction:

  • Research Brands and Eras: Research iconic brands and fashion eras to identify key pieces that interest you so you can create a well-informed bidding strategy. With Easy Live Auction, you can register for alerts to notify you when desired pieces come up for sale.
  • Check Condition: Check the condition of the clothing by closely examining photos, asking for additional details, and considering the overall wear and tear, as vintage items may have signs of age.
  • Understand Sizing Differences: Be aware of sizing variations between contemporary and vintage clothing, as sizing standards have evolved over time, and vintage pieces may require adjustments or alterations.
  • Set a Budget: Establish a realistic budget before participating in the auction, including potential additional costs for alterations or restoration, as well as any fees, to prevent overspending in the excitement of bidding.
  • Participate in Online Forums: Engage in online vintage fashion communities and forums to gain insights from experienced collectors, sharing tips and recommendations on specific auctions or sellers.
  • Ask Questions to Sellers: Reach out to sellers with inquiries about the item's history, provenance, and any imperfections, ensuring transparency and building confidence in the garment's authenticity.
  • Be Flexible on Styles: Maintain flexibility in your style preferences, as vintage and retro clothing auctions may offer unique and unexpected finds that can diversify your wardrobe.
  • Patience in Bidding: Exercise patience during the bidding process, strategically placing bids based on your budget and preparing for potential competition from other collectors. With EasyLiveAuction, you can set auto bids to bid in your absence.


In fashion, 2024 is set to see a revival of retro looks from the 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as a continued growth in the popularity of the sustainable fashion trend. Stay ahead of these trends by buying preloved garments and fashion pieces second-hand at auction. Follow our tips in this article to ensure a positive and productive bidding experience. We hope you have a stylish 2024!


Author: Cara Bentham