6 Insider Tips for Snagging an Exquisite Engagement Ring at Auction Online

Posted On: 05 Feb 2024 by Stephan Welz to Jewellery

Unlock the secrets to saving on engagement rings at auction. From setting a budget to understanding the details, get ready to bid and win! Valentine's Day is on the horizon, so some of you might be planning to pop the question...? If you're in the market for an engagement ring that stands out and is wallet-friendly, diving into an online auction at Easy Live Auction might just be your ticket. You could save hundreds, but you need a smart game plan. Let me walk you through it:

6 Insider Tips for Snagging an Exquisite Engagement Ring at Auction Online

1. Budget: Know It, Stick to It

First things first, decide the budget - what can you afford? Auctions can get pretty exciting, so having a clear budget helps keep things in check. Remember to account for any extras like buyer premiums or shipping. 

2. Autobid: Your Secret Weapon

At Easy Live Auction, we've got this nifty Autobid feature that lets you set your max bid in advance. It's like having a personal bidding assistant, keeping you in the race without needing to constantly watch the auction. Set it wisely to stay on budget and let Autobid do its thing.

3. The Devil's in the Details

Dive into the ring's specifications – think carat, cut, clarity. Every little bit of info helps in making an appropriate bid. Got questions? Our auctioneers are just a message away, ready to fill in any blanks before the auction starts. Some rings will come with an authentification certificate stating this information. 

4. Eyes on the Prize

If popping by in person isn’t in the cards, those auction listing photos are your next best thing. Take a good, hard look at each image, zoom in for the nitty-gritty, and watch any available videos to see that sparkle in action. Getting a comprehensive visual feel for the ring will boost your confidence in making that bid.

5. Check Out the Seller

On Easy Live Auction, you’re browsing through listings from reputable auction houses, so you know you're in good hands. Still, taking a moment to read up on the seller's history can give you that extra bit of confidence. You can find all the contact details you need if you want to speak about a lot with the auction house directly, including asking questions about condition. 

Before You Hit Bid:

  • Is the ring the right size? Or do you know where to get it resized? 
  • Does it come with a box?
  • Have you checked the condition? Will it need cleaning? 
  • Will it arrive in time for your proposal?

Many independent jewellers offer a resizing and cleaning service, and your chosen auction house may also be able to put you in touch with this kind of service. 


Author: Cara Bentham