Moorcroft Ceramics Expected to Fetch £18,000 in Shropshire Auction

Posted On: 30 Jan 2024 by Stephan Welz to Decorative Arts

Moorcroft Ceramics Expected to Fetch £18,000 in Shropshire Auction

Moorcroft Ceramics Expected to Fetch £18,000 in Shropshire Auction

Take a look at this captivating Moorcroft collection from a late Oswestry collector set to fetch over £18,000 at Halls Fine Art.

In an upcoming auction in Shropshire on February 7th, a captivating collection of modern Moorcroft ceramics, once cherished by a late Oswestry collector, is poised to enthral enthusiasts and potentially fetch over £18,000. The extensive collection, comprising 120 lots, will be presented at Halls Fine Art's prestigious pictures, ceramics, and collectables auction at the Battlefield Saleroom with bidding live online at Easy Live Auction.

Among the highlights are the Moorcroft Prestige 'Tree Bark Thief' jardiniere and stand, boasting an estimated value of £800 to £1,200. The collection also features a grand floor-standing 'Ryden Lane' vase, valued at £700 to £900, and an impressive floor-standing 'Lamia' vase, estimated at £600 to £900.

Caroline Dennard, the ceramics, glass, and militaria specialist at Halls Fine Art, notes the enduring appeal of modern Moorcroft. She emphasises its commercial significance as one of the few longstanding English potteries that continues to produce ceramics on English soil. The name Moorcroft remains synonymous with high quality, and its ongoing operation and accessible factory tours contribute to sustained interest among collectors.

Caroline highlights the popularity of limited editions seen in the upcoming auction, with the 'Prestige' jardiniere and stand belonging to one of the most coveted Moorcroft ranges. This range is known for its intricate designs and substantial sizes. The creation of such pieces is a meticulous process, often taking weeks to complete, and each pattern is produced in limited quantities. The presence of a talented design team at Moorcroft ensures a diverse and continually evolving range of patterns, offering collectors a broad spectrum of options.

As we delve into the allure of modern Moorcroft ceramics, it is crucial to explore the rich history that underpins the brand's enduring charm. Established by William Moorcroft in 1913, Moorcroft Pottery gained early recognition for its distinctive and vibrant designs. William Moorcroft's artistic vision, heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, resulted in unique, handcrafted pieces that quickly gained acclaim.

The 'Tree Bark Thief' jardiniere and stand, a potential auction star, is a testament to Moorcroft's enduring legacy. Its intricate design reflects the pottery's dedication to detail, a hallmark that has defined Moorcroft since its inception. The limited production and sought-after nature of pieces like these contribute to their allure, making them coveted treasures for collectors.

The upcoming Shropshire auction promises to unveil the beauty and craftsmanship of modern Moorcroft ceramics. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these pieces carry a rich history and a legacy spanning over a century. As the bidding ensues, each lot becomes not just an acquisition but a piece of art that encapsulates the enduring allure of Moorcroft Pottery.

Using the Easy Live Auction platform means that you can register to bid across the Halls Fine Art Sale for a flat fee avoiding additional fees and allow you to be more competetive with each bid! 

Highlights from the Auction

  1. Moorcroft vase in the 'South Pacific' pattern designed by Sian Leeper and dated 2002. This is a limited edition, numbered 219/300, artist-signed, and measures 36.5cm high. Estimate: £350 - £400.
  2. Moorcroft Prestige jardiniere and stand in the ‘Tree Bark Thief’ pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop. This is a limited edition 40 of 50, dated 1997, measuring 86cm high. Estimate: £800 - £1200.
  3. A pair of William Moorcroft 'Moonlit Blue' landscape plates, circa 1925, with impressed marks and painted WM facsimile monogram measuring 22cm diameter. Estimate: £300 -£500. 
  4. A large Moorcroft floor-standing vase in the Ryden Lane pattern designed by Rachel Bishop, dated 1999. This is a limited edition numbered 49/100 and measuring 68cm high. Estimate: £700 - £900.
  5. A group of three  vases in the 'Foxglove' pattern designed by Rachel Bishop, dated 1995-1998. The tallest vase measures 30cm high. Estimate: £120 - £180.