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Find the Golden Thread

Enter our online auction treasure hunt and discover the connection between various lots on the sale. The winner will take delivery of a Walter Battiss print to the value of R8000. To take part, register for our online auction and identify all the lots that have a connection to Johannesburg. It could be a date, a building, a person or anything to do with Johannesburg and the history of the city.

Send the relevant lot numbers to with your name and cell phone number. The person with the most correct answers will be the winner. In the event that there are two or more persons with the same number of correct answers, a draw will determine the ultimate winner.

Good luck, and get browsing through our catalogue, all the answers are in there!

Terms & Conditions of the Competition

  • You can only enter the competition if you are a registered Stephan Welz user
  • No Stephan Welz Staff members are allowed to enter this competition
  • There are multiple answers to the question, the winner will be the one with most correct answers.
  • You can only enter this competition and register once.
  • Should there be more than one person with ALL of the correct answers there will be a draw, a sudden death round where the winner will be determined.
  • Only answers that come through authorised Stephan Welz & Co communication channels, ie., our Facebook Page, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp line, acknowledged by the company will be considered.
  • Only answers that reference the lots on the April Online Auction 2020 will be considered.
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